BEST security camera to avoid robbery


From what we found, Smart cam pro is the best security camera available on the market. Check them out!

1) Extra Small and Easy to Hide, this wireless 34mmx34mm camera is perfect if you planned on hiding it in plants, houses, teddy bears or even on a car/bike dash. It can also be hidden outside! control every aspect of your camera from your phone when you are away, It definitely worth a shot.

2) 1080p wide angle for the best images possible.

3) Night vision. Because nobody will steal from you during the day.

4) motion detection (Communicates directly to the Smartphone via App)

5) magnetic bracket(included), Rechargeable battery ( NO INSTALLATION CABLES NEEDED)

6) Wide usage -home, office security, look after pets, baby monitor, car and bike dash etc.

Order your Smart Cam Pro NOW!

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